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AL Creations

Personalised Gifts for all occasions

Hi, my name is Ashley Louise and I am the founder of AL Creations. I am a full time stay at home mommy to my daughter who is 15 months old. I have always had a passion for crafts and decided to pursue my dream career in starting up a personalised gift business, alongside being able to spend time and watch my beautiful daughter grow and learn new things each day.

My interest in crafts is forever growing and I enjoy putting my hand to all different kinds of new creations and hobbies, anything from sewing, embroidery, card making and woodwork to sublimation.
Over the last few years, crafts have always been just a hobby which I used to do in my spare time, alongside full time jobs before finally giving birth to my daughter. As the Craft industry has suddenly become very popular and loved by many, I am delighted to be able to share my passion with others and get paid for doing something I really enjoy.

All my products are hand-made, unique and personalised to each of your choice as valued customers. As this is a small home-based business the turnaround is based on a time scale of two to three weeks, but can sometimes be much quicker depending on how busy I am with other orders.

I hope to make a great impression and work towards all your needs, so if there is anything you may not see on my website please do not hesitate to query as I’m always keen to try new out new ideas and create products to suit for all occasions.

Happy browsing, All feedback and comments in my guestbook are much appreciated.